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About Me

I am Bahare SalehKarimi from Tehran. was born in June 1984. I,m crazy about Art and Painting. I am Interested to more learning in art scope; literature, poetry, music, philosophy and cultures of various nations are very attractive to me. I love also nature and animals and protecting their rights.
I like to experience new and strange things and I enjoy traveling and adventure. One of the most enjoyable trips of my life was going to the "Amazon forest" and seeing the "Angel Falls" , and also meeting the Indiana people who are very friendly and genuine.


I Paint Oil color, Charcoal, Colored pencil, Watercolor, Acrylic and … . I Play the Kalimba, Tonguedrum and Giutar.
I,m a Graphic designer and I produce visual concepts by graphic manual design as well as using various design software.

Education Background:

Graduated in Master of Graphics in Architecture and Art university of Tehran.
Certificate holder:
"Adobe Photoshop", "Adobe Illustrator","3Dmax", "After effects","Anime Studio", "Digital Painting", "Web Design Pack" and "Instructional Techniques".


Logo designing, Illustration,Motion Graphic, Character design, Background design, ...

Job Records:

- Graphic design in advertisement agencies.
- teaching main course of arts and graphic software.
- advertisement projects for big industry company and chocolate making company in field of designing and packaging.
- Offering methods of higher art in making successful advertisement.
- Offering concepts and new creativities.
- Digital and analog painting.
- Handicrafts and ceramics.

Catalog, Poster, Book Cover, Packing Designing

2D Animating, Motion Infographic

Character and Background Designing


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